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Tailwind product gallery

This tailwind example is contributed by JaxStone, on 23-Mar-2023. Component is made with Tailwind CSS v3. It is responsive. similar terms for this example is Product Showcase

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Free Featured Section Components using Tailwind-CSS

Explore our free featured section components crafted with Tailwind CSS. Enhance your website with stylish and responsive designs. Get started now!

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Responsive grid with evenly spaced image cards. Each card has a title label at the bottom, and there's a subtle hover effect for interactive engagement.

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Responsive login form with image

Create a visually stunning and responsive login form with an integrated image for your website. Elevate user experience with this customizable login interface, optimized for various devices, and seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics.

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Professional Contact Us FormTemplate: Add To Your Project

Integrate a professional and user-friendly contact form template into your project effortlessly. Enhance user engagement and facilitate seamless communication with visitors by incorporating this customizable contact form, tailored to suit your project's needs

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Small Dashboard and content component

The Content component is used to display content like blog posts, articles, or any other type of content.

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Find Your Perfect Fit: Explore Three Distinct Pricing Plans

Discover the ideal pricing plan for your needs with our comprehensive selection of three distinct options. Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, explore our tailored plans to find the perfect fit for your budget and requirements

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Free Stats Component: Simplify Data Visualization

Easily visualize your data with our free stats component. Effortlessly display key statistics and metrics on your website using our user-friendly and customizable tool. Simplify data visualization and enhance user engagement with this versatile solution

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Stats - 5 Cell Grid

Simplify your web design projects with our versatile 5-cell grid component. Achieve clean and responsive layouts effortlessly, using tailwind css

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Free Blog & News Component: Tailwind CSS Integration

Discover a free and customizable blog and news component, seamlessly integrated with Tailwind CSS. Effortlessly enhance your website with the latest updates and engaging content. Simplify content management and captivate your audience with this versatile solution.

News - Responsive Grid Component
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Free Landing Page Template: Showcase Your Skills & Captivate Visitors

Explore our free landing page example, meticulously crafted to highlight your skills and captivate potential clients. This customizable template offers a sleek and professional design, allowing you to showcase your expertise and engage visitors effectively. Elevate your online presence with this dynamic solution and attract attention to your talents

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Product Card component

The Product Card component is used to showcase a product. It displays an image, price, title and description.

cart-Tailwind css
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Shopping Carts Component

Enhance your E-commerce experience with our shopping cart component. streamline the shopping journey with our user-friendly shopping sart component

tailwind css v1.10
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Header on the landing page of a website

create a great-looking Tailwind CSS financial landing page, FinTech is a premium HTML, React, and Vue template that combines colors

landing -Tailwind v3.1.4

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