Coding Skills for Free: Best Places and Resources for Beginners

Embark on your coding journey with our curated list of the best free resources. Whether you're a beginner or a new programmer, discover a wealth of knowledge on these free online platforms. Elevate yo...

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The world of web development can be overwhelming with so many tools and resources available. To simplify this journey, I've curated a list of the 24 best resources specifically tailored for web developers.

Covering the core technologies of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this guide aims to provide beginners and experts with valuable tools and insights to enhance their web development skills. Please explore these handpicked resources to help you excel in web development.

CSS Tools

1CSS Gradient

CSS Gradient is a project that lets you create free gradient backgrounds for your website.


Colorhunt provides awesome colour palettes for designers and artists.

3. CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks hosts some of the best advice, tips, tricks and code snippets on Cascading Style Sheets.

4. Generators by Haikei

Haikei is a web app that generate stunning visual content – ready to use with your design tools and workflow.

5. FFFuel

Fffuel is a collection of color tools and free SVG generators for gradients, patterns, textures, shapes & backgrounds.

6. SVG Backgrounds

SVG Backgrounds hosts a collection of SVG Backgrounds ready to be used on your website.

7. Animated Backgrounds

Animated Backgrounds hosts code snippets of various animated backgrounds that can be used as a background in your website.

8. Flowbite

Flowbite provides a robust set of design tokens and components based on the popular Tailwind CSS framework.

9. DaisyUI

DaisyUI adds a set of customisable colour names to Tailwind CSS, and these new colours use CSS variables for the values.

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